Len Acres 2020 Site created with : Xara Web Designer Premuim Always start with a mug of coffee. Forks needed to be stripped and sent away for re-chrome. Needed a battery clamp, so made one with bits and pieces. Second Honda that came FREE with the first. Second Honda that came FREE with the first. Pressing my luck here with not doing any work on the engine. Originally there was a pair of standard horns up front. Found these in my workshop. Sourced a set of dials and bought a cheap rectangular headlight from China. Hmmm getting there I think.
When I purchased the Honda VF750s as seen on Joshua’s page we discovered that a second bike came with it. Although the first one was pretty much complete this second bike had obviously been used as a parts donor. Over time I have been collecting various panels, parts and clocks so that it can be rebuilt into a usable bike once again. Hopefully 2020 will be the year it returns to the road. (If I can get it registered)…. Update.. Registration document has arrived..
The complete Honda VF750sc (Sabre) Dashboard in place and connected. Lights and horns added. Amazingly it all seems to power up correctly.
Side panel badges were missing so I am going to attempt to 3D print my own. Photo’s to follow.
All the wiring looked to be a mess with most of it just hanging around all over the place. Having connected it all up it amazingly burst into life (the electrics not the engine). More fettling to do before trying the “GO” button for the engine.
3D Printed VF side panel badges. V4 printed because I can. They are quite thick and I could have beveled them. Badges affixed to panels. Getting closer, silencers fitted. Getting closer, silencers fitted.
Decided to strip carbs after finding fuel was leaking rapidly from them. Found that the ‘Plenum’ chambers was broken so had to use chemical metal to repair it. Removed all four carbs and cleaned the float bowls then fitted new float valves and seals. Found that one carb had a broken choke valve pin, so that needed to be sorted.
Available from CMSNL for around £55 including delivery.
Looked for the necessary part and found it on a Dutch site. Including delivery it would have been something close to £55, but I only needed the brass pin. Could be time for another hobby.
Hey Presto.. Bought a Mini Lathe. Very cheap, just £120 but workable.
My new cheap Mini Lathe. Broken pin and my replacement. Broken pin and my replacement.
And here is the result of my first ever metal turning adventure. The original broken one and my replacement. Which I should say fitted perfectly first time. Before you say it, yes I know it looks rough but it works.
Plenum chamber.. Broken area and large crack top left.